Product name: Hexamethyldisiloxane
Chinese name: 六甲基二硅氧烷
CAS No.: 107-46-0

Molecular Formula:C6H18OSi2

Molecular Weight:162.38

Dangerous goods sign: F,N,T

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Application and Usage:

1. Mainly used in organic chemical and pharmaceutical production

2. Used as a capping agent in the production of silicone oil

3. Used as silazane raw material

4. For silicone rubber, medicine

5. For gas chromatography stationary liquid, analytical reagents, water repellent.

English synonyms:

os10;oxybis(trimethyl-silan;oxybis(trimethylsilane);silane, oxybis(trimethyl)-;sws-f221;silicone luid;2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-3-oxa-2,4-disilapentane;hmdo

Package: 150KG/Drum

Structural Formula: