Product name: Hexamethyldisilane
Chinese name: 六甲基二硅烷
CAS No.: 1450-14-2

Molecular Formula:C6H18Si2

Molecular Weight:146.38

Dangerous goods sign: F,Xi

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid with pleasant fruit smell

Application and Usage:

1. An important silane protective agent, which can be used for the synthesis of antibiotics such as ceftazidime.

2. It is used in pharmaceutical synthesis and can be used as a terminator for polysilicon chains.

3. Use as a source material for vapor deposition during silicon carbide growth.

4. Used as a raw material for the synthesis of trimethylsilyl lithium, trimethylsilyl sodium, trimethylsilyl potassium

5. Silylation reagents for allyl acetate, aryl halides and diketones.

6. Used as trimethylsilane anion reagent

English synonyms:

hexamethyldisilane;hmd;disilane m6;(ch3)6si2;1,1,1,2,2,2-hexamethyldisilane;ch7280;disilane,hexamethyl-;hecamethyldisilane

Package: 140KG/Drum

Structural Formula: